Common Misconceptions About Employer Branding

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Some say employer branding is the same as corporate branding, others say that it’s just a fad. However you think of it, there’s no denying that people often have misconceptions about the topic.

Employer branding plays an important role in recruitment efforts when you’re hiring on Jobstreet Malaysia. It’s crucial to be clear about the topic to ensure a smooth hiring journey. Check out these common myths about employer branding:

It is the same as corporate branding

While employer branding is an extension of your corporate brand, it is an entirely different aspect of branding. Your corporate brand is the identity of your company, and your employer brand is your reputation as an employer. For employer branding, you should focus on the human side of your business and show the candidates what it is like to work at your organisation.

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The responsibility falls on the HR team

Although employer branding is related to hiring journey, it isn’t solely the HR team’s responsibility, nor it is the marketing department or the management team. Companies need to realise that it is everyone’s effort in building their employer brand, and collaboration is key.

It can’t be changed overnight

If your company is in a bad spot in terms of reputation, the best course of action is to accept the situation and figure out how to improve it. Employer branding requires a long-term plan; it can’t be fixed with a couple of positive reviews online. Ensure that your workplace is healthy and your employees are happy, and things will naturally turn into your favour.

It’s just a buzz-phrase

Some people might believe that employer branding is a new concept that popped up recently, but it has existed for a long time. Ignoring your employer brand has negative consequences and can affect your chance in hiring talented candidates.


If you were part of the group that believed these misconceptions about employer branding, it’s time to change your mindset. Employer branding can improve your chances of hiring your ideal candidate, and it’s worth pouring time and effort into it.

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