Delicious Food Destinations in Peninsular Malaysia

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One of the things that Malaysia is most known for is its food. It’s what unites us and makes us happy. Being a nation that is made up of many different races, our cultures often intersect with one another. It might be a cliche, but when people say that Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures, it’s only because it is indeed true. More often than not, that melting pot of cultures spills over to the subject of food.

Because of this, Malaysians are very protective and gung-ho about local food. Sometimes, we even organise special road trips to find the best places to eat using their 7 seater SUV in Malaysia. Need recommendations on where to go? Here are some popular food destinations around peninsular Malaysia.


One of the most popular states for tourists is definitely Penang. The type of food you can find in Penang is hawker-style. It is diverse and many people like it for its authenticity. Some of the standout dishes from the island include nasi kandar, assam laksa, and char kuey teow.

East Coast

The east coast of Malaysia includes the states of Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan. As compared to Penang, the east coast states are more popular with Malaysians than they are with international tourists—and where the locals go is where you should be. Some of the food here is influenced by our neighbours up north and can be quite rice-heavy such as nasi dagang and nasi kerabu. Their oceanside location also makes them the perfect place for you to eat seafood.


Due to its proximity to the Klang Valley, this small town in the state of Perak is popular for quick out-of-state trips. In terms of setting, expect small kopitiams with simple but flavourful dishes. A famous Ipoh dish you can’t miss here is the chicken rice which comes with a side of beansprouts. Of course, there are many other kinds of food that is popular here as well such as chee cheong fun, dim sum, and different types of noodles.

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This historic city offers a very different type of cuisine than other places in the peninsular. As it is one of the first places attacked by the Portuguese, some remnants of that culture remain and preserved itself through food. Known as Kristang, this Portuguese-Eurasian cuisine can hardly be found outside of Melaka so when you are in the city, don’t forget to try it out. Another interesting cuisine in Melaka is Baba Nyonya and Peranakan which mixes both Malay and Chinese food in their own way to create a completely new style of food.


Malaysia is home to many unique and delicious food. You should take the time to explore this side of the country and sample all the good food fellow Malaysians have to offer.

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