Don’t Forget These 3 Things In Your Job Advertisement!

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When you’re thinking of how to write a job advertisement that will appeal and pull your target candidate persona, take some time to consider what potential applicants actually want to see. Here are three main things you shouldn’t forget when you’re writing a job ad!

Job Description

This is the most important part of your job posting when you’re listing it to boards and other job seeking platforms. When you write your description, be sure to include the name of the position and three things that will make the job attractive to an applicant. It’s hugely valuable to job seekers, so make sure you think carefully about your phrasing.

Company Description

job advertisement - jobstreet philippines

Many job ads do not place a focus on including a short company profile in their offer. This is a huge mistake as more information and clear picture of their potential employers can be very attractive to jobseekers. A single paragraph that gives three to five details applicants will find most exciting about the job and company.

Salary Range and Benefits

You’d be surprised to know how many listings do not share their salary information in their job description. Compensation and pay is a key part of the decision making process, so it’s important to include something that candidates really care about. When you’re drafting your next job ad, don’t forget to list the salary range and other benefits like dental, healthcare and more.


It’s important to have a good and solid job ad in order to attract and pull in great potential talent. Your future employee could be a valuable addition to your company and it all starts from a good, solid job posting on Jobstreet! If you’re a company looking to find a place to post your job ad, click here https://www.jobstreet.com.ph/en/cms/employer/ to do so at Jobstreet!

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