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So you’ve got a free job posting from a site like Jobstreet. This is an excellent opportunity for you to market a vacancy in your company to a broader pool of people. When putting up an online job listing, there are a few ways that you could take to optimise your ads. Through these strategies, your listing could be seen by the right candidate you need. Here are 3 easy ways for you to make full use of your job posting!

1. Use relevant keywords and phrases

Search engines will scan your ad and look for commonly searched words or phrases to rank it amongst other searches. In a job ad, this would be the titles and responsibilities that come with the position that you are offering. 

Upon writing a job ad, use precise keywords and phrases to highlight the vacancy. For example, if you’re looking for a Manager, use words like ‘managing’, ‘organise’ or ‘support’ in the description so that candidates have a clear idea and Google gets to detect and rank your post better. 

2. Don’t overcomplicate job titles

As mentioned previously, search engines would rank results according to the job titles you’ve used in the description. Based on this, it is probably a bad idea for you to get funny or creative with job titles. 

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Something like ‘Marketing Wizard’ would not be as practical as ‘Marketing Executive’ when it comes to searchability. Keep it clean, precise and clear when you’re writing descriptions. This is so that it’ll show up better on search engines and the right candidate will immediately understand what you’re looking for.

3. Include some visuals and graphics

When you’re planning a job ad online, consider using visuals or graphics to highlight your ad. This attracts candidates to have a look further and learn more about your company and offer. 

Certain platforms may have a character or word limit to a post. This is where a digital recruitment poster would be incredibly helpful to relay information to your candidate about what you’re looking for. With attractive graphics, a dynamic ad could get you the right person in no time.


With these pointers, you’ll be getting the right people applying sooner than you think. Whether it’s for a temporary or permanent position, get a better chance of candidates through a platform like Jobstreet. To know how you could advertise a vacancy online, head on over to

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