Road Trips Every Malaysians Should Take

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To enjoy a holiday, you don’t necessarily need to travel overseas. Malaysia is a country with magnificent scenery and fantastic food, and there are plenty of things to discover even for the average Malaysian. Besides, travelling within the country also saves money!

One of the best ways to explore Malaysia is going on road trips. All you need is a vehicle protected by car insurance, some companions for the journey, and you’re on your way for an excellent time.

Here are some road trips every Malaysians should take:

Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands

Malaysian is a tropical country with humid weather, which is why Cameron Highlands is such a popular choice for Malaysians that are trying to escape from the heat. Besides the cooling weather, Cameron Highlands is also known for its beautiful scenery of tea plantation across the hills. Don’t forget to visit the strawberry farms and flower gardens!

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Penang to Ipoh

Ipoh city is worth two hours of driving from Penang if you are a foodie. One can expect to eat delicious food from breakfast to supper, and how can anyone not have a cup of famous Ipoh white coffee while you’re there? Some people believe the soft water in Ipoh contributes to the tastiness of the food but does it really matter when we can enjoy delicious cuisines?

Melaka to Penang

Penang is one of the best places to experience multicultural heritages in Malaysia; in 2008, Georgetown was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site. If you drop by Penang, you must take pictures with the famous mural arts hidden across the town. You can also add water sports into your itinerary while you’re there.

Johor to Melaka

Not only does Melaka has an impressive collection of historical attractions, but it is also food heaven! Once you’re done marvelling at one of the oldest pieces of European architecture, move on to Jonker Street to fill up your belly with delicious, cheap food. Before you leave, you must try the coconut shake at Klebang.

Embark on an unforgettable journey

Malaysia has plenty of hidden gems if you look hard enough. If you have time during the holidays and just want to get out of home, these road trips ideas are perfect for you.

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