The Importance of Reading to Your Kids

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In an age where smartphones and mobile devices are taking over our lives, many parents are turning to digital devices to keep their kids entertained, much less reading books to them. However, story telling for kids should be a high priority for parents with toddlers and children, as there are many benefits of reading.

Reading aloud to your children is an inexpensive way to past time. It’s also a good way to bond with your kids. Here are some other benefits of reading that all parents should know:

It helps in developing language skills

While your child may know how to talk, he or she may only have a limited vocabulary as we often repeat words in the daily average conversations. Reading books and story telling to kids is one of the best ways to build up their vocabulary and expose them to new words and possibly a new language. Multiple studies have shown children that speak more than one language are faster in learning in general.

story telling for kids

It improves their concentration

It may be difficult to handle a distracted child that only wants to turn pages and throw books around, but this is why reading is so essential for children at a younger age. Consistently reading to your child will improve their concentration and make them learn how to sit for longer periods of time, which will help them when they enrol to school.

It teaches your children about different topics

Reading your kids diverse books about various topics allows them to learn a broad range of information. Exposing them the different topics can also develop their interest in learning and encourage a thirst for knowledge.Ā 

It’s a great form of entertainment

Watching television and playing video games are popular past time for children, but reading a book can be equally interesting. All you need to do is find a book that suits your child’s interest and encourage the habit of reading by reading together with them. Reading books is also better than having their eyes glued to the screen.


Reading to children in their early years helps them to succeed later in life, and there are generally no disadvantages when your child loves to read. Make sure to always get them to read diverse books to expand their horizon.

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