The Importance of Your Child’s Milestones!

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Having a child is an exciting new chapter in our lives. As your child gets older, you’ll notice that they take on new skills or develop certain behaviours at different stages of their growth.

These developmental milestones are important markers of your children’s health and wellbeing! Pay attention to how your child plays, learns, speaks, acts and moves. These are important cues to see your kid’s progress. Here are several reasons to map out your child’s milestones carefully:

Find out if they are on track

The most important reason to monitor the development of a child is to see if they are on track with their peers. Look at developmental milestones as a checklist. They represent what an average child can do around a particular age, and they involve:

  • Physical and motor development- crawling, standing without support, walking
  • Social skills- recognising familiar faces, vocalise desires
  • Cognitive development – putting items in and out of containers, scribbles with crayons or pencils.
  • Communication skills – imitating your behaviour, show interest in other children

Noting these cues are crucial in understanding your child as well as their process. Not only do you get to see their growth, you’ll also foster a better bond with your child as you observe and support their progress.

Spot them early!

Another reason to track and note your child’s milestones is to detect any signs of developmental delay. Your child may have developmental disabilities that are undetected or unchecked as a result of lax monitoring of their developmental progress. Each child develops differently and it’s good to keep this in mind. We’ve heard of anecdotes of babies learning to crawl at an age before they were supposed to or children who could read faster than their peers. 

While some of these anomalies are not huge causes of panic or concern, documenting it allows your paediatrician to see any underlying issues behind your worries. This opens up doors to early detection of any health conditions or disorders that your doctor could diagnose and help you work towards managing it.

Choosing ways to support

Learning about your child’s development milestones allows you to select or plan the best way to help them. While it’s true that no two children grow the same way, they do develop in predictable ways. Tracking and mapping their behaviours and abilities enables us to predict what’s coming and also prepare for that! For example, for a child learning how to move around, parents may want to make the house safer by child-proofing things around the house such as tables and stairs. 

Another way to do so is by modifying their diet. Children, at different stages of their growth, require certain nutrients to facilitate their development. Your doctor may recommend specific diets or formula milk such as Similac, where there are different types of formula to accommodate you and your child every step of the way!


Learning about your child’s growth stages and observing them can go a long way in maintaining their health as well as your relationship with them. Know more about developmental milestones and how Similac could support your kid’s progress at!

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