What is Dark Mode and Should You Use It?

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There’s a recent hype going around the tech world about Dark Mode in phones. In the past, only popular apps like Twitter supports Dark Mode, which is a toggle that switches the background colour of an app window to a darker colour. These days, phones like the Vivo S1 Pro offers Dark Mode that features darker colour palettes customised for the most mainstream apps.

What exactly is Dark Mode?

Although it has gained popularity in recent times, Dark Mode isn’t a new feature. The earliest home computers had monochrome CRT monitors that displayed green text on a black screen. However, the trend of black text on a white screen emerged in the 80s when they wanted to replicate the look of ink on paper. A few decades later, dark themes are back in action.

With the newer smartphones these days, Dark Mode is an optional mode that displays dark surfaces on the UI. You can activate Dark Mode with a toggle, usually found within an app’s settings.

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Why should you use Dark Mode?

The most known benefit of the Dark Mode is its energy-saving ability, especially on devices with OLED or AMOLED displays. With white backgrounds, a smartphone has to turn on every pixel which demands more power. Meanwhile, a dark background requires less display power. If your device has a faulty pixel, they are also less noticeable with Dark Mode.

Another advantage of Dark Mode is it is better for our eyes. The logic is: white screens in a dark environment strains our eyes, so a screen with a dark background reduces the strain in our eyes. With a darker screen, screen glare, flickering and blue light is also reduced.

Some colours also stand out more on a black background, which offer better readability.

When should you not use Dark Mode?

Despite its benefits, Dark Mode isn’t always superior to Light mode. As human beings are naturally better at seeing things at day time, in some situations, it’s better for us to see dark texts on a white background.

Dark Mode also isn’t really useful when you’re in a well-lit environment. There’s also a challenge of reading small fonts on a dark background. In other words, reading long paragraphs of text with Dark Mode can be tiring for our eyes.


Dark Mode and Light Mode have its benefits and advantages, which is why users should switch between the two modes at different times of the day for the well-being of our eyes.

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